A-5 Pennsy - 'Yardbird'
A-5 Pennsy - "Yardbird"




4/1/2015 - Please Note:
Dan has recently retired and is no longer doing repair work.  We would like to thank all of the many customers and friends we've had over the years.  It has been a very good experience for us, and hopefully for you as well.

We have left the website up for reference and a link to our locomotive parts.  We'll be uploading the remaining parts we have to our ebay store throughout the year, so you may want to check back often. 

Once again, thanks so much for your past patronage!





Shop Hours:

Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (CST)


About Us:

Yardbird Classic Trains is a family owned and operated business dedicated to keeping the rich heritage of model railroading alive by supplying parts and service for many models, especially from the vintage years of our hobby.  Much of our inventory consists of original new/old-stock parts.  When used parts are required, they are completely cleaned, bead blasted when applicable, and thoroughly checked out to ensure they are free from defects and will function as they should.

Our services include repairs and regular servicing on most locomotives, which includes cleaning, adjustments, fine-tuning, and lubrication.  As an authorized Mantua service center, we perform certified repair and maintenance work on both new and old Mantua/Tyco locomotives, and have parts for most of them in stock.  Original restoration, custom building, detailing, kit-building, custom painting, lettering, and weathering services are also some of the services we can offer during off-season times (check with us for time schedules).  Great care goes into every project that is done, making sure each piece will perform to perfection.


Our parts and services are fully guaranteed



While much of our emphasis is on parts and service for vintage-era HO locomotives, we have teamed up with Harvey's Train Service for DCC installation and custom diesel painting services.  Harvey does excellent work, and has a professional shop in Springfield, MO.  You can reach his website by clicking the "DCC & Diesel Painting" button under "Services".  Just let him know you used our link to reach him.


Mission Statement:

Our goal is to offer modelers quality parts and service at affordable prices, and to help preserve the classics of our great hobby. Many times an older locomotive can easily be repaired to provide good service once again.  Or, a less-expensive or vintage locomotive with the proper detailing and adjustments can look and perform as well as its expensive brass counterpart.  We also love to help restore those family heirlooms into enjoyable pieces for your layout.


We welcome customer input!

Our customers are friends and fellow modelers with whom we enjoy working.  Please know that your requests, comments, and views are highly valued by us.   We will do our best to help you have an enjoyable experience with this wonderful hobby.  Should you have the need to contact us, your emails will be answered as promptly as possibleYou can also get excellent information and assistance by joining our large Yardbird Trains Yahoo group.  Our moderator, Henry Hultgren, has been in the hobby most of his life, and is a previous owner of a large hobby shop.  Just about every aspect of model railroading gets discussed through the daily dialect.  You're welcome to join by clicking on the "Yahoo! GROUP" button above (please...no solicitations or off-topic posts).

We look forward to working with YOU!

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